Photo credit: Nadia Strong Photography, Inc.

MJ grew up in northeastern Ohio but traded snow for sunshine and moved to southern Arizona over a decade ago where she lives with her husband and three dogs. When not at her day job in the financial services industry, she spends her free time working out, volunteering for the American Cancer Society and writing crime fiction.

She has completed two romantic suspense novels, Mind Games and Haunting Lyric and four books in the Last Cold Case thriller series, Last Summer’s Evil, Last Fall’s Hunted, Last Winter’s Taken and Last Spring’s Stranger. She signed the series with Muse It Up Publishing. Last Summer’s Evil is scheduled to release early 2017. Last Fall’s Hunted is scheduled to release Spring 2017. Last Winter’s Taken is scheduled to release Fall 2017. Last Spring’s Stranger is scheduled to release Spring 2018. Check back for future release dates in the Last Cold Case series and other books.

Her guilty pleasures include watching Investigation Discovery channel and The Young and the Restless, she needs something light-hearted after too many episodes of ID, and of course reading suspense/thrillers which she balances with the occasional romance novel. Her favorite place to travel is San Diego where she enjoys spending time lounging on Mission Beach.